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General Medicine – Maxi Cure Hospitals

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General Medicine

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Accurate Diagnosis through Medical Excellence In Hyderabad

The Department of General Medicine at Maxicure Hospitals is staffed with excellent Doctors who specialize in many diseases but whose primary treatment does not involve surgery. They provide care to patients of all ages. They are very adept at providing treatment of acute non-life-threatening diseases, early detection and refer to a specialized in house doctor in case of patients with serious illnesses. They involve firstly in preventive care including health education and immunization. They are highly knowledgeable about all branches of medicine.

A general physician conducts a physical examination of the patient and then recommends necessary tests and diagnostic procedures. The results of these tests, the general physical examination and symptoms are then correlated to give a final diagnosis. Depending on the final diagnosis, the general physician gives the necessary treatment or refers to a specialist.

Treatments and Procedures

The following conditions are looked into and appropriate advice is given by the practitioners

General Medicine is all about primary care. Patients of all ages including adults, adolescents and children are treated. Some of the conditions that are diagnosed initially are

Conditions like Headache, Muscular weakness and Epilepsy

Infectious diseases

Respiratory illnesses like Asthma, Allergies and Lung infections

Medical conditions of Joints and Limbs and Backache

Most of the metabolic diseases 

Endocrine diseases such as diabetes, thyroid 

Common fevers