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Oncology – Maxi Cure Hospitals

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The Department of Oncology at Maxicure Hospitals has a blend of advanced therapies and technological expertise and commits to define the experience thereby immensely improving patient satisfaction. It provides the most advanced treatment in one of the specialized caring atmospheres available in Hayathnagar – on the outskirts of Hyderabad.

The expert doctors at Maxicure Hospitals collaborate on each case to develop a personalized care plan uniquely for each patient. Additionally, they make themselves accessible to the patients at all times.

The best physicians and experts carry out collaborative, patient centered research to develop the latest treatment to address patient needs.

At Maxicure Hospitals, Radiation, Medical and Surgical oncology related care is brought into effect for curing any specific type of cancer only after a thorough discussion and consent from a group of cancer specialists who are well experienced in this field. 


The treatment here includes Cytotoxic Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, Molecular targeted agents, Monoclonal antibodies, Hormone therapy. Cancer screening for both men and women as well as counseling of family members of affected patients are also offered by the department.



It is a branch of medicine that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer using chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, biological therapy and targeted therapy.


    It is a branch of medicine that uses surgery to treat cancer. Its main goal is to find harmful tumors and remove them along with nearby tissue that has cancer cells in it, surgically.