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Orthopedics – Maxi Cure Hospitals

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One of the Best Orthopedic Centers in Hyderabad

As one of Best Orthopedic Departments in Hyderabad, at Maxicure Hospitals, the goal is to provide excellent Orthopedic care along with exceptional patient experience, in an environment that encourages growth through research and expertise in all aspects of Musculoskeletal medicine. All Orthopedics are well versed in their field and hence provide a level of care unattainable elsewhere.

With specialization in every Orthopedic subspecialty, the experts at Maxicure Hospitals have the ability to manage all aspects of Musculoskeletal care.

At Maxicure Hospitals department of Orthopedics, Joint Reconstruction & Sports medicine offers precise diagnosis and treatment for all the disorders affecting the Musculoskeletal system including Joints, Bones, Tendons, Ligaments, Muscles and associated nerves.



  • ORTHOPEDIC ONCOLOGY:  This division offers expert care to children and adults diagnosed with  tumors and tumor like condition of the bone and soft tissue including bone metastases, sarcomas, benign and cancerous tumors of the bone or soft tissue and pathologic fractures. 

  • HIP & KNEE REPLACEMENT : It is a surgical procedure where parts of an arthritic or damaged joint are removed and replaced with a metal, plastic or ceramic device called a prosthesis or implant. The prosthesis is designed to reproduce the shape and motion of the normal joint.

  • ARTHROSCOPY & SPORTS MEDICINE: Sports Medicine deals with training in  anatomy, biomechanics, pathophysiology of musculoskeletal injuries and functional rehabilitation, besides bony injuries, soft tissue injuries. Arthroscopy provides comprehensive evaluation and management for a wide range of sports injuries to the knee, foot, ankle, shoulder, elbow and hip

  • SHOULDER SURGERIES: The flexibility needed in the ball and socket joint places the shoulder at high risk of injury and instability. Shoulder surgeries play a major role in getting the shoulder back to health. The most common shoulder surgeries care Rotator Cuff Repair, Total Shoulder Replacement, Arthroscopy for Frozen Shoulder, Acromioclavicular Joint Repair for Arthritis

  • HAND & ARM SURGERY : Hand & Arm Surgery is used to treat conditions that affect Hand & Wrist, Forearm and Elbow. Conditions that may require surgery include Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Congenital Hand deformities,  Tennis Elbow, Loss of Limb or Finger, Cysts and Tumors

FOOT & ANKLE SURGERY: Surgery may be used to address a variety of foot and ankle conditions like Achilles tendonitis, tendon tears, bunions, diabetic foot problems and ankle arthritis.